Philly: Day 1 (actually day 1.5)

I have to admit, I had a little anxiety in the days leading up to this trip. A mixture of busy-ness, big cities, and my first trip by air had me uneasy to say the least. The drive to PDX didn’t help either. Huge snowflakes and western Oregon drivers make for a drive similar to to the POV in a Mario Kart game.

After almost three hours we arrived later than expected, and we had to book it to the terminal to get set up. My first impression of an airport, as a passenger, was stressful. No clear directions or personnel to help, and without April vaguely remembering where to go and what to do we would have definitely been late for takeoff.

The plane ride was, in spite of my “fear of-fear of flying”, like a long amusement park ride. To date, it’s my favorite way to travel, and I’m stoked to have four rides under my belt by the time were home.

Which catches me up to Philly, besides a short layover in Chicago, (which had a crazier change in accent than the east coast, at least so far). We arrived around 9 am, and to avoid jet lag and the time difference we stayed up until 9 pm that evening. In our natural time zone (PST) this makes it 33 hours without sleep, including 5 hours of air travel.

After a warm reception, and feeding my addiction of caffeine, we went to the studio we would call home for the next week. A lesser person would have been frustrated with the layout, size, and constant smell of curry soaked Indian food. But our host Casey has a cozy and classy nook as comfortable as any apartment I’d ever seen.

First stop was a gas station/convenient store called Wawa. Neither me or Ape had heard of it, but how classy could a mini-mart get? Even with that cliche question setting you up for the opposite answer cant express how rad it was. The best hoagies-to-order I think ill ever come across again. That paired with what Casey described as “fake pre-made deliciousness in a cup”, referring to the iced coffee coming out of a machine pumping a pre-mixed bag. They also have an extremely noteworthy selection of my favorite snack, Combos, unseen anywhere else I’ve been.

From there we headed to South Street, more specifically between 10th and South, and the dozen blocks after. It’s kind of hard to describe this place, but super friendly people, flea market styled shops, hole in the wall eateries, and sex shops. For some reason I kept comparing it to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco and La Bufadora in Mexico. Stopped at Jon’s Bar and Grill, a place claiming to be built on a place where Larry from the 3 Stooges was discovered, and grabbed a few pints of Yuengling (an amber lager).

Some of the best parts are driving around this place. It seems like every other place we pass has some historic significance, including Philadelphia Museum of Art, which if you’re not sure of its importance GTFO. (or I’ll just tell you here, the iconic stairs in Rocky I, II, III, and V) Or Boathouse Row, which is a popular place in the world of Intercollegiate Rowing, with the back ends of a half a dozen frats butting up against the Schuylkill River. Being from Eugene, a town with one main university, it had never occurred to me that cities had frats from opposing colleges right near, let alone next door to each-other. It also didn’t occur to me that i know little to nothing about frats and college…

Sorry about the length, had to cram alot in one post, but I hope it was at least slightly entertaining.

Were off to 76rs vs Celtics!!!!

BENCH press!!!!
(uploaded for the pun lols, and reppin the UO shirt)

BENCH press!!!!

(uploaded for the pun lols, and reppin the UO shirt)




miss the stuff.